End Myopia!

End Myopia!

I was recently contacted by Jake Steiner at the End Myopia! website. This website is, not surprisingly, dedicated to providing a comprehensive body of information to people everywhere trying to find more creative ways of treating nearsightedness. is a great website for anyone interested in learning all they can about nearsightedness itself and even trying some techniques to improve their condition. Jake interviewed me just last week and the interview can be found here.

I have read dozens of self-help books and investigated many do-it-yourself myopia reduction programs to no avail. Then I became my own optometrist and combined what I had learned at a college of optometry, the Pennsylvania College of Optometry to be precise, along with the ideas I had discovered from authors like William Bates, Aldous Huxley and others. I also had the good fortune to spend quality time with a number of early pioneers in behavioral/developmental optometry, as well as spending time as a vision therapy patient, which provided unrivaled insight into the process.

I believe that I am providing a unique perspective on nearsightedness and a unique approach to using lenses, especially for people dealing with progressive myopia or those looking for preventive care. In 2001 I published my own book about dealing with nearsightedness - Looking Differently at Nearsightedness and Myopia: The Visual Process and the Myth of 20/20. I have been helping people prevent, reverse control or in some cases eliminate nearsightedness for over 25 years now.

Picard squinting.jpg
Captain Jean Luc Picard (not one of my patients)

I’m always happy to see more people discovering that there are options available when trying to manage or enhance their eyesight and their vision. One of the reasons I became an optometrist was my severe and worsening nearsightedness (myopia). For many years I had a nagging sense that there had to be more that could be done besides simply having my prescription increased practically every time I went to the eye doctor. It turned out I was very right in thinking this. One of my goals has always been to provide people with options, not just a single, simplistic answer to the full spectrum of functional and developmental vision problems. Nearsightedness is just one of many visual conditions that I help people deal with on a regular basis.

In all honesty I must say that I believe the best way to handle nearsightedness in a more positive, more productive way is to find a behavioral optometrist who has the desire and experience to guide the process and prescribe the appropriate lenses. However, since this is not a practical solution for so many people across the globe, the people at End Myopia! are doing everything in their power to provide whatever they can to help those who cannot get comprehensive professional help for their nearsightedness. And they are doing a great job of it. Please go and check out their site and thank them for providing help and hope to countless people the world over.

UPDATE: February 8, 2019

Since posting this piece in 2017 I have had further, let's say, less fruitful interactions with the host of End Myopia!  While the site itself offers a good deal of interesting and useful information, the nature and particulars of the program offered therein is elusive, and the host has a limited understanding of the visual process, and therefore, a - for lack of a better word - myopic view of the vision therapy process as well as the practical application of lenses in real life.  

If you would like a professional, though open-minded perspective regarding your personal visual issues, feel free to call Dr. Gallop (that's me) at 610-356-7425 and speak with him (me) personally.


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