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Originally posted on August 2nd, 2012

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You may remember Nick from a few posts back. (see The Story of Nick and his Super Gobstopping Headache) Nick finally began work on the latest chapter of his story book describing his journey of illness, medication, redemption and recovery.  He was put through the wringer and I was fortunate enough to be called upon to see if I could help Nick feel better.  I was even more fortunate to be able to create a treatment plan that did just that.  I wanted to share the latest chapter in Nick’s story in his own words.  I had no input into this whatsoever.  Nick brought this to his last vision therapy session and showed it to me.  All I did was type it up – his version was nicely hand-written…


I continue my eye therapy weekly with Dr. Steven Gallop.  After about a month of therapy I noticed that my headaches had disappeared completely!  I was doing exercises each week to help my eyes converge better.  Most of the exercises were really fun!  I would walk on a balance beam forwards and backwards – sometimes wearing glasses and sometimes one eye will be covered.  Dr. Steve said they weren’t exercises for my eyes as much as for my brain.  He was helping my brain tell my eyes what to see.  I put different colored pegs in holes – sometimes the holes are spinning!  That’s my favorite!  I also read lots of wall charts of numbers and letters.  Each week Dr. Steve adds something new.  It’s really fun, but most of all I’m just glad not to have a headache!  I will probably always wear glasses for close work, but my eye therapy is helping my eyes focus better so that my glasses won’t have to be too strong.


Lenses and vision therapy don’t always work this well this fast.  But this kind of thing happens often enough that every once in a while I find myself almost expecting, but really just hoping, for it to happen this quickly just once more for someone who is really suffering and has already waited long enough for something good to happen.

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